The UT CSTA is organizing a local Scratch Day. Scratch Day is a global network of gatherings where people come together to learn more about and share about Scratch.

No previous Scratch experience is necessary.

Sponsors and Friends

Utah Scratch Day 2012 would not be possible without support from:


  • Brigham Young University
  • Westminster College
  • Beehive Science & Technology Academy
  • Waterford School


We had a very successful event. 91 participants came and we had to turn away approximately 50 late registration requests because we were out of space. Of the students, about half were 5th grade and under. About 90% reported that they had fun, made something they would like, and would like to come to future events. We received quite a few comments that expressed hope for future events with more advanced material---we hope to be able to provide! The most popular sessions were the second beginner session and the competition.

The competition was great fun, with almost 15 teams completing on average half of the seven problems. The result was a three-way tie between a pair of 5th graders, a pair of 9th graders, and another pair of 5th graders. The resulting decision was made by an ad-hoc Rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock tournament, with one of the 5th graders reigning triumphant after a spectacular eight-in-a-row tie, before the Vulcan salute vaporized a Rock. The winner received a copy of the Forbidden Island board game.

Here are seventeen incredibly exciting pictures of people sitting at computers and walking around the break area:

Unfortunately, seventeen is prime, so there's no balanced way to show this table, except as a relatively squat table.

1:00pm Registration
1:15pm Introduction
1:30pm Beginner I (Steve & Helen) Intermediate I (David)
2:15pm Break I
2:30pm Beginner II (Tina & Helen) Competition (Jay)
3:15pm Break II
3:30pm Demos & free time
4:15pm Entroduction (ends at 4:30pm)
5:00pm Labs Close


The Scratch Day is at the University of Utah (directions) in WEB 224. The WEB is the Warnock Engineering Building (code: WEB; number: 62) on the campus map. There are two parking lots to the east of the building. Parking is open on weekends in most lots. (If you don't use the WEB lots, then refer to visitor parking (information for details.) The labs are on the second floor in room 224: the CADE lab. However, you just need to get to the foyer where we'll do registration and get you to the right place.


Unfortunately, registration is closed. If you have not yet paid, then, contact Jay McCarthy.