CS 404 – Computers and Ethics in Society

Societal impact of computer technology, the computer scientist's place in society, ethical issues. Reading, discussion, and writing seminar.
CS 404 Class Website
Offered Fall and Winter semesters.

CS 428 – Software Engineering

Analysis, design, implementation, and testing of significant software systems.
CS 428 Class Website
Only offered Fall semester.

CS 628 – Empirical Software Engineering

Empirical research in software engineering. Experimental and observational studies, statistical methods, and historically relevant search results.
CS 628 Class Website
Only offered Winter semester, either every year or every other year, depending on mood and need.

CS 629 – Research in Social Media

Fundamental research question: What do we mean by "Social Media"? Why do we care? What does this have to do with Computer Science?

Possible class website in the future, but no guarantees. If we run this again it will probably be in a Winter semester.