Jacob W. Crandall

    Associate Professor, Computer Science Department, Brigham Young University                                                

Laboratory for Interactive Machines


A few of us gathered around our robot, Tibor. Some day, we'll take and post a picture of the whole group.

Past Graduate Students

Vimitha Manohar
MS Student, India

Salman Ahmed
MS Student, Pakistan

Mehmet Ergun
MS Student, Turkey

Asad Ahmed
MS Student, Pakistan

Edmond Awad
MS Student, Syria

Yomna Hassan
MS Student, Egypt

Malek Altakrori
MS Student, Palestine

Shamma Al Marzooqi
MS Student, UAE

Vagagn Harutyunyan
MS Student, Armenia

Wen Shen
MS Student, China

Rafael Harutyunyan
MS Student, Armenia
Issak Gezehei
MS Student, Eritrea

Abdulla Almehrzai
MS Student, UAE
Alanoud Al Khemeiri
MS Student, UAE
MS Student, Tibet

Stefano Albrecht
Visiting PhD Student

Wael Al Enezi
MS Student, Jordan

Mayada Oudah
PhD Student, Palestine

Chace Ashcraft
MS Student, USA


Brigham Young University, 3326 TMCB, Provo, UT 84602


crandall at cs dot byu dot edu