Jacob W. Crandall

    Professor, Computer Science Department, Brigham Young University                                                


  1. [Apr 2018] I'm part of a research team (from Carnegie Mellon, BYU, Tufts, and UMass-Lowell) that was awarded a MURI grant through ONR to perform research investigating proficiency self-assessment in autonomous systems. I'm lead PI at BYU.
  2. [Jan 2018] Our paper entitled Cooperating with Machines was published in Nature Communications. We had some fun putting together a short (over-the-top) video abstract. This paper has received a fair bit of online attention (see Altmetric).
  3. [Nov 2017] Mayada's paper (How AI Wins Friends and Influences People) was accepted to AAAI 2018. I really like this paper. My wife, Tawna, had a key idea for the paper, so we included her as an author.
  4. [Jul 2017] Mayada successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis. I returned to Abu Dhabi for the defense.
  5. [Jul 2017] Our paper on regulating highly automated robot ecologies was accepted to HAI 2017. It won a best student paper award! Congrats to Wen, Alanoud, Abdulla, and Wael.
  6. [Sep 2016] We were awarded a 100k grant to work on human control of robot collectives with researchers at ARL.
  7. [Aug 2016] After 8 wonderful years with Masdar Institute, I joined the BYU Computer Science Department. It's good to be back!
  8. [Jun 2016] Stefano's extended work was published in AIJ.
  9. [Jul 2015] I extended my work from this JAIR paper to repeated stochastic games. The resulting algorithm appears in IJCAI 2015.
  10. [Jan 2015] Stefano's work on the impact of prior beliefs in repeated interactions, performed during his visit to our lab (Jan-May 2014), was published in AAAI 2015.
  11. [Nov 2014] Our paper describing how robots can learn to cooperate with people has been accepted to HRI 2015. Mayada, Vahan, Tennom, and I had a blast working on this paper together. We're very excited about what we learned and accomplished.
  12. [Jan 2014] I am co-chairing a workshop at AAAI 2014 on multiagent interaction without prior coordination.
  13. [Nov 2013] JAIR accepted my paper on minimizing ''disappointment'' in repeated interactions.
  14. [Oct 2013] Vimitha's MS Thesis work (extended) was accepted for publication in IEEE THMS.
  15. [May 2013] Our research proposal on systemic risk in power systems was one of three flagship research projects funded by the MI-MIT agreement this year ($3.24 million over 3 years).
  16. [Apr 2013] Yomna presented her MS Thesis work at IEEE SSCI.
  17. [Dec 2012] Vahagn's MS Thesis work (extended) was published in JHRI.


Brigham Young University, 3361 TMCB, Provo, UT 84602


crandall at cs dot byu dot edu